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Industrial and Machinery Equipment Buyers

Sun Radian Metal Division is one of the top industrial machinery and equipment scrap buyers in Malaysia. You might find industrial and machinery equipment in bog industrial facilities, factories, warehouses, construction sites, and shipyards. We find buyers of scrap industrial equipment and machinery to resell in the local or overseas market.

Sun Radian Metal serves warehouses and distribution centers that want old metal parts and fixtures to be fixed. We remove unwanted recyclable material and securely collect the same materials for recycling purposes.

Moreover, we offer you a competitive price for scrap metal and recycling, as a professional machinery scrap metal dealer in Malaysia. We are equipped with the necessary resources to provide free and quick pick up of almost any kind of massive quantity of scrap metal from your premises. As the leading scrap metal buyer in Singapore, we create solutions for recycling and meeting the needs of our growing customer base. 

Scrap Ship Propeller Buyer in Malaysia

Our Metal Division buys industrial machinery and equipment that are used and in unusable condition. For used machinery, we resell it to local and overseas users. If the machines are not working, we scrap them and retrieve their scrap metal for recycling. We work closely with commercial and industrial to remove the metal scrap from their sites.

We are well-equipped to collect heavy industrial machinery and equipment, irrespective of the types of machines.  We offer you efficient services in the most inexpensive manner. We are using the best safety practices and removing large industrial machinery from the construction site.

Sun Radian Metal Division trades in propeller scraps and supplies them to various stainless steel manufacturers and foundries. We export ship propeller scrap to local or overseas. We have an inbuilt unit that specializes in processing the ship propellers obtained out of ship recycling. We are one of the best scrap ships propeller buyers in Malaysia.

Trust us to pick up large pieces of machinery and tools. Contact us for more information or call us on +6 012 221 7248.

Things We Buy

Air Compressor 

These are used in industrial processes for compressing gases. Air compressors have a hundred hours of life span where they become a large, heavy waste item if sent to landfills. It is a more cost-effective solution for unwanted or broken compressors to be refurbished for reuse. 


The bulk of containers in industries are used to store chemicals. We take the heavy containers from your industrial areas and resell them to local and overseas markets. We also offer same-day pickup and scrap recycling services


The only way to get rid of forklifts is to recycle them, rather than adding them to the landfills. These parts are no longer functions and are discarded while usable ones are assimilated into an operating machine. A recycled forklift operates just as well as a brand new one and will often look just as polished. 


Our fast, eco-friendly generator removal and recycling services to get it out as soon as possible. You can make money by recycling generators. We ensure that you get the best possible price according to industrial needs. 

Power Tool 

Recycling old power tools is easy and convenient. Our state-of-art shredding equipment is capable of processing power tools. Disposal of power tools to landfill contributes to various environmental problems like contamination of groundwater. 

Steel Pipes 

Steel pipes are used for plumbing in new homes, used for water supply, and connected via nuts and joints.  

Steel Plates 

Steel plates are the most recyclable metals, and you can get money out of this. Moreover, we can remove it from your site and provide you with the best value for scrap. 

If you have any type of industrial scrap or machinery equipment to sell. You can contact us for the best deal.

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