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Ferrous Metal Scrap Dealers In Malaysia

The team at Molten Steel is an expert in recycling all forms of ferrous metal like anchor chains, steel beams, metal bars, and more. We have the right experience and knowledge to get the right price for your ferrous metal scrap.

You can find ferrous metal in commercial, domestic, and industrial applications. As a leading ferrous metal scrap dealer in Malaysia, we accept all sizes of metals.

If you want to recycle ferrous metals, Call +6012 221 7248 or mail us at general@sunradian.com

Ferrous Metal Dealer in Malaysia

Ferrous metals contain iron, including stainless steel, anchor chains, steel beam, metal bars. It can get separated from other scrap metals with the help of a powerful magnet, and you can also sort it by hand. Recycling ferrous metal has many financial and environmental benefits. Not recycling scrap metal might cause lots of disadvantages to our environment. 

Sun Radian Metal Division has the right experience and knowledge to recycle ferrous metals in no time. We reduce the need to extract and manufacture raw materials and contribute to significant savings in greenhouse emissions. 

As a part of a growing industry, we take responsibility for recycling ferrous metal. We have a team of experts who know everything about recycling ferrous metal in the right way. Our staff uses protective gear to avoid any injury, and we take full responsibility for the safety of our team. 

Types of Ferrous Metal We Deal With

Air ducts

Air ducts contain galvanized steel and aluminium that can get recycled easily. It is usually worth more than other scrap metals. Moreover, the prices change every year, and we offer you the best possible price in the market. 

Anchor Chain 

Anchor chains play an important role in vessel and offshore operations. It only works when it is attached to the floating structure. Recycling anchor chains is a great way to earn some extra cash. 

Construction Scraps 

Recycling construction scraps from your construction sites have tons of environmental benefits. By recycling construction waste, you can make extra money on scrap metal, conserve natural resources and contribute to a healthy environment. 

Steel Beam

Steel beams are a primary material for the construction of any building or structure. It comes in different shapes and sizes, depending on the requirements. 

Heavy Melting Scraps

Recycling melting scraps has tons of environmental and financial benefits. You will not only reduce the landfill but also improve your living standards. As a leading ferrous metal buyer, we give you prices according to the market requirements. 

Metal bars

Metal bats are found in construction sites and are reusable and recyclable. If you want to recycle your metal bars, contact us. 

Metal Racks

Metal racks are found in home and industry, are easily reusable and recycled. We offer you a great price on metal racks. 

Partition Sheet

A Partition sheet is used during the construction of a building. You can remove all unwanted partition sheets in your construction sites right away. All you need to do is call us and we will reach out to you. 


Scaffolds end up in landfills and cause harmful effects to the environment. Recycling helps in reducing air pollution and reduces landfills. Call us when you want to recycle scaffolds. 

Molten Steel is continuously moving with new industry standards and, we provide the best customer service with premium services. We use the latest technology and machinery to provide a better service to our customers. 

If you want scrap metal recycling services in Malaysia, speak to the team of our Metal Trading Division. Call us at +6012 221 7248

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