Consumer Products

Sun Radian Consulting Group works with consumer products companies around the world to:

  • Develop the components of a winning strategy amid disruption, using our Sun Radian Productivity approach, which helps you track new angles of category disruption, increase the focus on consumer needs and embrace an analytical methodology for identifying disruptions and gauging their impact.
  • Accelerate brand growth, even in slow categories in developed markets, using the Sun Radian Brand Accelerator 
  • Become a true partner for retailers, managing key accounts more effectively than ever
  • Help you turn your supply chains into a competitive weapon
  • Master mergers and acquisitions to gain a competitive advantage in target selection, valuation and integration—building additional scale and the resulting economic efficiencies
  • Simplify, speed up and slim down operating models to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization
  • Our clients include companies in the food, beverages, personal and household care, consumer durables, luxury goods,  apparel and shoes, recreational products, over-the-counter medicines and other sectors.
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